Our mission is to keep older adults happy, healthy and safe without any interruption of their daily lives.

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Luna Lights is an important part of our resident safety strategy in New Friendships memory care unit. Families are comforted, knowing that staff are able respond quickly when residents are up and moving.


For assisted living communities, their residents and their families, preventing falls is a daunting and difficult challenge.

That’s the bad news. The good news is the problem is preventable.

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We Believe in the Awe of Automatic
Custom Notifications

Luna Lights is more than just a lighting solution. If the lights remain illuminated for an extended period of time, a notification is created and sent to caregivers. Lights remaining on for too long can be correlated to falls or other issues, so caregivers can use this information to be more proactive about care and ensure residents are safe at night.

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Powerful Data

Through cloud-based analytics technology, we’re able to track precisely how long and how often night-time trips are occurring. Insightful data is then delivered to caregivers or clinicians to help them recognize resident behavior changes that could signal underlying conditions.

Better Care

With daily reports, there is no information lost between shifts of caregivers. Day staff knows exactly what happened with residents at night, and can use that information to ask more productive questions like, “Are you feeling OK, Mrs. Jones? It seems you haven’t been sleeping well.”

Luna Lights helps caregivers better care for residents
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"Using Luna Lights, we have reduced falls and critical events. We have also been able to identify nocturnal sleep issues and residents roaming at night.

Luna Lights is by far the best tool for safety and care I have used in my 30 years of health care.

Michael Bradford
Executive Director
Enlivant - Bell Gardens Place

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